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Unless you have taken steps to make other provisions such as creating a trust, a will is the only way to make sure that your property is transferred or disposed according to your wishes. If you fail to create a will or a trust for the transfer of your assets and property at death, Kentucky law will govern how your assets are transferred and to whom.

These laws are very strict and don't take into consideration complicated family relationships, second marriages, or one family member's particular need. If you die without a will, your estate will be what is known as an intestate estate. In such cases, Kentucky laws of distribution would determine the distribution of your assets, and the court's choices may not align with your choices. Let an Elizabethtown estate planning lawyer from Cooper & Cooper Law Offices help you so you control who gets what, and when they get it!

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Under Kentucky law, when you die without an estate plan in place, any property that would pass through probate would be distributed under Kentucky's laws of distribution. Dying intestate could result in your spouse and/or children being left with few resources to live on for their support and day-to-day living expenses. What's more, without careful planning and establishing the proper legal documents, your estate could ultimately wind up paying more than necessary in court costs, legal fees, and taxes to state and federal governments.

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