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Dealing with dissatisfied clients

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Firm News |

Every now and then, a business is going to have a difficult situation with a client. Sometimes, they might just be disgruntled with the product or the service or it might be something even far more serious, like missing a deadline or your client filing a lawsuit against you. Regardless of the case, it is always important to address the situation and diffuse it before it escalates to a breaking point.

Steps to take:

In case a business is facing a dissatisfied client, it is important to know exactly what the client’s reaction was, for it can range from displeasure to outrage It is essential to look for ways to minimize or diffuse the situation by:

  • Not getting defensive: It is important to listen and to always stay calm when being confronted by a client.
  • Apologizing for the inconvenience: Always take responsibility for what happened.
  • Find out what the real problem is: The matter could have been avoided if there would have been better customer service, communication or understanding. Ask questions and get to real heart of the matter.
  • Find a solution to the problem
  • Do not make promises you cannot keep.
  • Follow up: Reach out and make sure that what was wronged has been fixed.


What to do when a client threatens to sue? It is important to identify the legal matter and see if it is concerning or not. Sometimes a client might sue because an employee forgot to put foam in the client’s coffee, sometimes it is because of a slip and fall and the client broke his wrist. Once the severity of the matter has been identified, it is important to settle the claim as quietly and swiftly as possible. Do this to avoid further problems and risking having a bad reputation in the marketplace.