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Estate planning is for young people, too 

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Estate Planning |

We often associate estate planning with the elderly because it involves planning for the end of life. However, this is not all that an estate plan can be used for. As a young adult, you probably do have the rest of your life ahead of you, but there is no harm in preparing for unexpected events. 

The truth is that an estate plan can offer you security which allows you to enjoy your life even further. You can have peace of mind that your assets, children, medical needs and much more are all addressed.

Outlined below are some key reasons why you should consider estate planning as a young adult:

Protecting your children

As a young adult, you may have just started a family. Of course, you will play a key role in bringing up your children, and ensuring that their needs are met. Nonetheless, part of this also involves making sure they are looked after should something happen to you. With an estate plan, you can elect guardians who are most suited to your child’s requirements. Not only can this offer you peace of mind, but it ensures that your child always has a stable environment in which to grow.

Assets are worth protecting

Generally, as soon as we reach adulthood, we start acquiring assets. Sometimes this can even happen as a child. Jewelry, clothes and electronic goods may have considerable value, and you might want someone else to inherit them. Even if some items are not of monetary value, they may have significant value in terms of sentimentality. An estate plan can help ensure that your personal items are passed down to the right person, and enjoyed for years to come. 

As a young adult, estate planning is certainly worth considering. As you think about your options, be sure to remember your legal rights in the state of Kentucky.