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What should you do if clients ignore collection calls?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2024 | Debt Collection |

Some businesses have to invoice clients for the services they provide. They count on these clients to pay the invoice so the business has an income and a steady flow of cash. When the client doesn’t pay, it can put the company in a financial bind. 

One of the first steps to collecting money is calling the client to remind them to make a payment. This is enough to encourage the person to pay, but there are times when that’s not the case. From there, the company may need to take other actions. 

Review the contract and communication records

First, the company should review the contract and any relevant documentation to ensure the payment terms are clear and the client is indeed in breach. This includes verifying invoices, payment schedules and any written communications regarding the debt. Detailed records of attempts to contact the client should be maintained, as these may be important if legal action becomes necessary.

Send a formal demand letter

If initial attempts to contact the client have failed, the company should send a formal demand letter. This letter should clearly state the amount owed, the original due date and a new deadline for payment. It should also outline the consequences of non-payment, such as late fees, interest or potential legal action. Sending this letter via certified mail can ensure there is proof of delivery.

It’s sometimes necessary to take legal action. Working with someone who can assist the company with collections at this point might be beneficial so the company’s representatives can focus on running the company.