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Last updated on May 20, 2020

When the time comes for you to receive assisted living support or long-term care, be sure that you have a plan. Many individuals don’t realize that their finances could disqualify them from Medicaid, meaning that they might have to pay all of their medical bills.

Elder care planning is necessary if you would like to ensure that you get the treatment you deserve in your advanced age. Long-term care is very expensive, at an estimated $10,000 per month. Sadly, many elderly individuals and their families haven’t planned for this financial burden. If you are over the age of 65, it’s time to talk with a lawyer from our firm in Elizabethtown.

Even if you have long-term care set up, it doesn’t always mean that you will be treated fairly. Too many individuals suffer from nursing home negligence in silence. In some cases, this type of negligence may even lead to wrongful death.

Our firm is committed to providing individuals with the protection they need, no matter what stage of life they are in. If you have been treated wrongly or want to ensure that you get the care you deserve, the team at Cooper & Cooper Law Offices, PLLC, is here to help.

Elder Care Planning Options

We can help you plan for your future care through several different methods. A very useful option is purchasing long-term care insurance. This type of insurance will provide you with the resources you need to cover your medical treatments or long-term care.

Planning for this type of care is important, as preexisting medical conditions may disqualify you. This type of insurance can be very expensive or difficult to qualify for without proper planning. We will help you review your financial and health situation to determine if long-term care insurance is a viable option for you.

You may also choose to use Medicaid to pay for your care. Only low-income individuals are eligible for this type of care, which tempts some to try and pawn off their assets. There are specific look-back periods that the government uses to ensure that individuals don’t abuse the system.

If you transfer assets within a certain number of months prior to needing Medicaid care, you may lose eligibility. For this reason, we encourage you to meet with an attorney from our firm to plan for your elder care.

Identifying Neglectful Treatment And Wrongful Deaths

The sad truth is that many individuals are treated with negligence or lack of care, simply because of their age. At Cooper & Cooper Law Offices, PLLC, we are dedicated to protecting these individuals. We want to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, despite their age or medical condition.

Nursing home negligence can be a painful and emotionally straining situation. If you have noticed issues with a loved one in a nursing home or you are personally suffering, our firm is prepared to help. You may be suffering from bedsores, weight loss or slip-and-fall injuries. Most of these injuries or issues are preventable, which is why health care providers must be held accountable.

Even hospitals can be guilty of this, negligently handling a patient due to their advanced age or medical history. If you believe your loved one has suffered a wrongful death, we may be able to help you prove it.

Experienced, Compassionate Elder Law Attorneys

If you believe your loved one has suffered a wrongful death, we may be able to help you prove it. We may be able to help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Also, our attorneys can help you create a plan for elder care or hold a medical provider accountable. Call our firm at 270-561-6155, or fill out a case evaluation form. We here to help.